Wednesday, November 30, 2016

True Love

How poor and weak the love that only sees
Within its object qualities that please,
Awaking flawless beauty with a kiss,
Expectant of an ever-after bliss,
Wherein the needs of both are satisfied:
All hers in him, and his, in her, the bride.
Call poor and weak, nay, call not love at all
That glow that fades when trials it befall:
For who would call it love that only cleaves
When appetite is slaked, or else it leaves?
No! Slander not that godly thing that swears
To stand by and be true through all the cares
And sorrows that are bound to come in life --
Some caused indeed by him, some by the wife.
Yes, this is love, and only love, that sees
Its object's flaws, and loves in spite of these.


So, yeah. I got married :). 

Have some wedding pictures. Photo credit goes to Keely Kohl, my fantastic wedding photographer. Want to see more? Or am I the only one who loves looking at pictures of me and my boy? And speaking of Jon, this poem is for him. I'm so grateful to be loved in spite of my shortcomings.

Seriously, though, holla if you want more pictures. There ARE actually pictures of other things besides me and Jon and the sheet music. That is to say, pics of the bridal party, of the venue, of the dancing. I just didn't think those photos were suited to this post.

Monday, November 7, 2016

It Takes Two to Break a Heart

All of this time you have blamed and resented,
Bitterly smiled cause he never repented,
Trudged through the gray feeling strange and dejected,
Crushed by the knowledge your best was rejected.
Just for a moment he seemed to be yours,
Taking and giving through bars in the doors,
Then came another, and though he still took
Things that you offered, you saw in his look
She had his heart and his mind and his head:
You stayed behind and he ran on ahead.
Shame and devotion and anger and pain
Grip you by turns; you allow them to reign,
Claiming the right of the victim to boast,
Nursing the hatred that's killing its host.
Then through the hide that has grown on your heart,
Truth, cold and clean, pierces you like a dart:
"This is a game that two people must play:
He only took the things I gave away."


Don't let your mistakes cripple you. Learn from them. ♡

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Look, I'm touching my blog!!! ... aka Lady Emily joins Writers Camp

Hey peoples,

I am genuinely sorry to have fallen out of the loop in the blogosphere. A side effect of being engaged is that I am processing a lot of intense feelings, and, unlike other intense feelings that I have, these are the sort that I don't really feel a need to share on this blog ... and, let's be honest, you probably wouldn't find them all that relevant or interesting, anyway! Maybe someday I'll be able to blog calmly and distantly about Being In A Relationship, but now is not the time, my friends. In the meantime, I have very much enjoyed reading all your posts! I could stand to see a few more from Becca ;D ... but I love you all and it's a pleasure to follow you.

TODAY, HOWEVER, I have decided to accept a sort of writers' challenge that Hannah Joy (check out her blog is doing that Bella ( came up with! It is a writing club with thirteen different prompts between today and the 1st of September. It's been a while since I've written (sorry beautiful Chapter 1s that I post to the blogs and never add more to!), and I've been hankering for a sort of writing community to talk about writing with. So when I saw the sort of prompts this Writers Club is doing, I decided to join! Should be fun and good for me :). And so, with no more ado, let's get onto Day 1, which is ...

1. Introducing the Writer

Hallo everyone. My name is Emily, and I love to write. Which is to say, I love to think, and write the things I think about. Sometimes I think about the real world and write about that. Other times, I like to wander through magical realms peopled by creatures and persons of my own invention; these dominate the rest of my writing.

The word "creatures" probably clued you in to the sort of stories I tend to make. Fantasy, bruh. Fantasy all the way. Fantasy resonates with me in a way other genres do not. Good vs. evil is often a feature of this genre. Heroes battle the forces of darkness and inspire me to do the same. True, in my world there are no evil barons or loathsome goblins. But if Sam can scare off Shelob, then surely I can kill the little old spider in the bathroom, right?!? And I do ... well, if no one else is around to help me.

Fantasy encourages me, and I love to think that I could use it to encourage others ... which, aside from writing, is one of my favorite things to do. I hope to use my writing to inspire others to do as they should: to honor God, to think of others before themselves, and to fight for the beautiful things in this world.

Right-ho. That's all for Day 1 of Writers Club! I shall be back on August 12 with my response to the challenge for Day 2 :).

Lady Emily

Monday, June 6, 2016

Stop and Smell the Roses ... or in This Case, the Cows

No, these are not my cows.

Jon and I were trying to find a place to park the car at a school where my sisters were performing in their shown choir. And we couldn't find a parking place anywhere. We even drove up and down the streets in the surrounding neighborhoods, and there was not one spot for us to park. It was 6:59 by now, literally one minute before the show was scheduled to begin, and I was beginning to feel frantic. Would we ever find a parking spot within a mile of the place? Would we miss half the show that my sisters had been practicing for 8 months? We ended up going behind the school building and parking behind the football field. We ran across the school grounds and made it into the auditorium five minutes after 7:00. Fortunately, the show started a little late, so we didn't miss any of it.

After the performance, Jon and I walked back through the twilight to his car. The school, by the way, was built right on the edge of the urban growth boundary. So in front of the school was a grid of horrid little town homes, packed together like sardines with no room out front for desperate visitors to park a five-seater car. Behind the school, however, was a lovely little farm. Seven or eight cows and calves were munching on the long grass in their field. Two of the cows were licking their calves clean with their hard, rough tongues. It was such a peaceful sight, and a such a nice surprise to find a little farm behind the school! As Jon drove me home, I said, "You know, if we had found a parking space out front, we wouldn't have found the cows." 

Moral of the story: Sometimes what seems like a bad thing is really a blessing in disguise. Or, to put it another way: When things don't go the way you plan, look for cows.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Chapter 1: Dawn

Light like music, music like light. Martin opened his eyes and shook the slumber from them, his senses in a muddle. Was it shafts of light or notes of song that had roused him from his sleep? With a grunt, he raised himself on one elbow, blinking in consternation. As his eyes adjusted to the light of the dawn, he turned his face towards the pure, sweet music echoing through the woods. With a feeling of vague relief he realized what it was – only a girl, singing somewhere in the wood. The furrows eased from his brow, and for a moment he was still, listening sleepily, his lids growing heavier and heavier. He was about to slip back into his dreams, when all at once he sat straight up, wide awake in an instant.

Where was Geoff?

Geoff?” he said loudly, looking around. The campsite was empty. There was no one there but him. Martin leaped to his feet in a panic. Where had Geoff gone? He couldn't have gotten far, with his lamed leg. “Geoffrey!” he shouted, whirling around. “Geoff --” he stopped, catching a glimpse of his brother in the distance. He was moving towards the singing.

Martin kicked the blankets away from his ankles and ran after his brother. In a moment he had caught up, panting. Geoff paid no heed to him, but continued to limp steadily towards the sound. Martin caught hold of his brother's forearm and dug his heels into the ground. “Geoff, stop! What are you doing? We mustn't be seen! We --”

He got no further. Instead he was thrown to the ground as his brother, never ceasing his advance, shook him off like a leaf and moved onwards. There was a strange, dreamy light in the dragon's blue eyes that bewildered Martin. He pushed himself up and, in desperation, flung himself upon his brother's long tail and hung on tight.

Geoff, you numbskull,” he yelled, “if you don't stop I'll run my sword through your tail into the ground, do you hear?”

All the while, the singing had grown louder and clearer, until all it once it was upon them. Almost in the same instant, it stopped.

Martin looked around his brother's flank. Standing before them was a merry-faced girl, looking at them with both amusement and fear. She wore a butter-yellow dress and a dark blue cincher. She held a wooden yoke steady on her shoulders. From a chain at each end of the yoke dangled a wooden pail.

Please, don't be afraid!” said Martin. He scrambled to his feet and stood in front of his brother, who all at once was blinking in a confused way and backing away from the girl mistrustfully. “It's all right – he won't hurt you, truly! He's not like other dragons. He --” he stopped, remembering that he didn't want to say too much. “I've tamed him,” he concluded, lamely.

But the girl only grinned widely, a delightful, twinkly grin.

Have you?” she said. “That's marvelous. What do you call him?”


He's beautiful.” The girl set down her pails of milk. She stepped forward, and the dragon, though he still did not look entirely sure of this maid, submitted to having his smooth, hard muzzle rubbed. The girl laughed. “Well! I've had many strange animals come when I sing, but never a dragon before.”

She smiled at Martin's expression of amazement. “I have a special gift, you see – well, I call it a gift, anyway. My mother says it's a curse. I have the ability to enchant animals with my voice. When I sing, they are drawn to the sound. That's why your dragon came when he heard me. I suppose that surprised you.” She giggled. “It certainly surprised me!”

So that explained that glazed look in Geoff's eyes. Martin laughed, noting the blissful expression on his brother's face as the girl scratched between his scales. “I'd say more than your voice has charmed him,” he said. As he said this, he gave his brother a sly nudge. The dragon cast him a cold glare.

The girl smiled and shook her head, then glanced at the squire's insignia on Martin's tunic. “I suppose you've trained him to be your mount. Do you fly on him?”

No,” said Martin. In fact, Geoff had not yet mastered those great, folding appendages. These past few weeks, he had just kept them awkwardly held against his sides.

The girl grinned again. “Well, if he does, you must take me for a ride. I've always wanted to ride a dragon.” She patted the dragon's nose, then noticed the bloody bandage tied around Geoff's foot. “Why, he's hurt! How did that happen?”

Martin was beginning to bristle. This girl was asking far too many questions. Her manner was completely innocent, but that did not make him feel any more inclined to divulge information. “He --cut it on a boulder.”

It was a good thing for him that the girl was so absorbed in the dragon's injury. Otherwise, she might have perceived from Martin's manner that he was lying. May I look at the wound?” she asked.

Martin glanced at Geoff. Unnoticed by the girl, the dragon nodded at him, and Martin nodded to the girl in turn. The girl made little soothing noises as she unwound the bandage. Martin looked over her shoulder at the wound as she peeled the bandage away. His stomach twisted with sympathy and fear as he saw how swollen and inflamed the flesh around the gash had become.

This is terrible,” the girl said, looking really concerned. “Have you done anything to treat it?”

No,” said Martin, brusque in his despair.

The girl straightened up, her lips pursed thoughtfully. “Well, there's a market in the village not three miles from here. I'm going there myself to sell this milk." (At the word 'milk,' Martin's mouth inadvertently watered.) "Why don't you come with me?" the girl continued. "There's sure to be an enchantress there who would have some poultice that could cure him. I'd look about for some herbs right now, if I knew of any that could help. But I'm afraid I don't know the first thing about treating dragons.”

She met Martin's eyes frankly. Shafts of sunlight shone through the trees, freckling her face and her chestnut hair. There was nothing but goodwill and a desire to help in her pretty, open face.

Martin hesitated, considering. They really would not get much farther without treating Geoff's foot properly … and time was everything. He looked at Geoff, trying to read what he was thinking from the dragon's eyes.

Well,” he said, slowly, “I suppose that would be best."

The girl's face beamed. "Splendid! Oh, I am glad. I shall feel so much better knowing he's been taken care of. My name's Aria, by the way. What's yours?" 


"Glad to meet you." Aria gave the dragon one last parting rub on his neck, then stooped to pick up her yoke. Automatically, Martin reached out to carry the yoke for her, but Aria laughed and shook her head, settling it firmly on her shoulders. "Trust me, there's a knack to carrying milk pails."

Martin turned to his brother, who had settled down in the leaves on the forest floor, apparently resigned to wait. Martin awkwardly raised a hand to rub Geoff's shoulder. He was not yet used to touching his brother as if he were an animal. Certainly, he reflected, with a wry smile, he wouldn't have rubbed Geoff's shoulder this way when he was a human. But after watching the girl do it, it seemed the most natural thing to do. And though Martin did it uncertainly, Geoff didn't seem to mind. 

"I'll be back soon, Geoff," he said. "Keep out of sight, you understand?" He assured himself that it wouldn't seem strange to the girl that he talked to the dragon as if he could understand. People always talked to animals. 

The girl smiled, then turned towards the north and began walking briskly through the trees. Martin followed, noting, with a sense of amazement and respect, that the girl was barefoot. 


Eeeeeeeeee!!! It's such fun to be writing again! *jams* What do you think? Who's your favorite? Want to read more???

Monday, May 23, 2016

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, in a land halfway between the mountains and the sea, in a time where wizards were not unheard of and knights might still find adventure in the remoter corners of the kingdom ...

A young blacksmith works alone in her shop, hammering away at the first sword she's ever made ...

A princess sits atop a pile of books, studying the arts of rhetoric and rhyme ...

A squire unfolds a weathered map, holding it up to the light reflecting off his brother's scales ...

And a young maiden walks barefoot through the swamp, singing in a voice that put the nightingale to shame.

The blacksmith, the squire, the princess, and the maiden, are all destined to meet. Like rivers flowing to the sea, their stories shall blend into one. But for one last night, their lives remain apart, and the night deepens as one by one they meander alone to their curious dreams.


Sunday, May 8, 2016


I am the ship that was lost on the sea,
You are the lighthouse that called "Come to me."
I am the sailor that yearned for the land,
You are the shoreline of soft golden sand.
I am the compass that points to the North,
You are the pole that was leading me forth.
I'm the first mate who could not sail alone,
You are the captain who made me your own.

♡ ♡ ♡

Hello all! I have some very exciting news. A week ago today, on the first of May 2016, my boyfriend asked me to marry him, and I said yes! 

(This is the view from the spot where he asked me to marry him. I know, right?)

(We saw whales.)

I'm so very happy, happier than I ever imagined I could be. And half the joy of being engaged is seeing the one you love look so happy, too! Marriage won't be easy (that's what they tell me, anyway), but I'd rather face those troubles with Jon by my side than anyone else in the world. God has brought us together, and I'm confident He will continue to do so if we commit ourselves to following Him. In the meantime, I'm experiencing the fun and stress of planning a wedding! Right now we're trying to pick a date that isn't too far away nor too soon and that it hopefully won't rain on and that all the relatives can make it to! We may have to settle for the lesser of two evils. But at any rate, we'll be married at the end! 

Love to you all. And, at the risk of sounding patronizing, I'll give just a word of advice. That man you dream about -- the one who is good enough to LEAD you -- is 100% worth the wait. Don't settle. Relationships are hard enough when everything is in your favor. You don't want to try one where everything isn't.

To Jon: I love you.